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  • October 21, 2012

The James Bond Skyfall release is just around the corner & Coca-Cola Zero have obviously jumped on the 007 band-wagon to produce the viral video “Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds.” The video went live just 3 days ago and has already hit over 2 million views on YouTube.

Broken down ‘Unlock the 007 in you’ shows everyday commuters buying a drink of coke zero from a vending machine in a London train station. They are then given the chance to win tickets to the premiere by racing to the next platform Bond style in under 70 seconds.

So what is it that has caused this video to go viral? We believe it lies in the idea and execution.

Bond the movie is all about anticipation, rush and thrill. ‘Unlock the 007 in you’ has built that same 007 action & suspense, but this time its the everyday person just like you or me that has become the action hero. The “what-if i could be like James Bond” scenario you always dreamed of has become a reality for these commuters & our eyes are glued to the screen as we relate to this action unfolding!

But its not just the brilliance of the idea, its the execution of the concept that has made this masterpiece what it is! The video is filmed with multiple angles to draw you in to the action as the commuters duck and weave through a range of comical train station road blocks to get to the platform in time. The familiar Bond soundtrack sets the mood of the video composed with what would seem like undercover spy/musicians weaving through everyday modern tones & sounds to give the video an edge.

By the end you are truly stuck with the bond opening theme in your head and thirsty for a coke zero while you await the launch of Skyfall in November!




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