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  • October 14, 2012

With the internet readily advancing and morrphing there are a lot of terms these days that a lot of people, including our clients are finding hard to keep up with and ‘Responsive Website’ is one of those terms.

What is a responsive website you ask? A responsive site “progressively enhances… work within different viewing contexts [1]” meaning that a website is able to be as effectively utilised for its intent on a multitude of different devices accessing a web browser. Think about it, how easily does an online store allow you to hit the ‘buy’ button?

The marketplace today is flooded with a plethora of inexpensive media devices as each year a new tablet is released, smartphone birthed and laptop reinvented. With content at our finger tips, we are becoming more and more mobile each day and growing even more accepting of it.

Facebook ‘like’, ‘Tweet’ this and ‘Google’ that are phrases becoming so common that most of the terms can now be found in the Oxford Dictionary. It’s clearly established that society is readily accessing information at a phenomenal rate, but what you might find interesting is how we’re accessing it. For with this knowledge, we are able to determine how to best reach your target audience.

The 2012 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index [2] compiled by AIMIA reports that 76% of its respondents owned and used a smartphone which was a massive 9% increase from last years respondents. What’s more interesting is how this 76% of smartphone users actually used their devices:

Other than making voice calls and texting;

– Send and receive emails – 25%

– To get information – 21%

– For entertainment – 15%

– To visit websites, and/or search or browse the internet – 20%

– For banking, including transfers and bill payments – 19%

– To buy things online – 16%.

What is important to note in the statistics above, is that smartphone owners are using their phones to browse the web when you combine getting information, entertainment, browsing, banking and buying. With figures like these it is imperative that your website is structured with intent and and purposely. Gone are the days where a 960 website grid is applicable for optimal web viewing. If you own or manage a website you need to ensure that the content your users are digesting is readily and easily accessible.

Responsive websites shouldn’t be an add-on or extension to your website, they should be apart of your sites design and intention. Ask yourself, “how easy accessible is the important information on your site?” Do users need to pinch and resize your website when vieing it on their new iPhone 5, or is your contact now button a simple click away from them making their point of contact with you? If your answer is the first of the two we’d love to sit down and find a responsive and mobile website solution for you today.

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2. http://www.aimia.com.au/ampli


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